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A Total Approach to Farm Operation Backed by Over 45 Years of Experience

Farm land should be a satisfying investment. Since decisions must be constantly made concerning the farm’s management, this often poses problems for the absentee owner. A sound solution to those problems is a dependable farm management team with a proven plan to provide increased income for the owner and to preserve the farm’s resources.
At Rambour Realty Co., we have developed a six point plan which involves business organization, scientific knowledge, and farming know-how. This system is more than simply arranging leases. It’s a total approach to the business of managing a farm operation.

Farm Management Service

  • Six Point Plan
  • Farm Analysis
  • Farm Operation Plan
  • Plan Implementation
  • Field Reports
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance

Lease Options and Additional Services

  • Crop Share Lease
  • Cash (Bushel) Lease
  • Custom Operation Lease
  • Land Appraisals
  • Land Sales
  • Financing
  • Insurance

Accredited Professional Farm Management*

*An organization called the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers (ASFMRA) maintains strict professional and ethical standards for more than 3,600 members in 46 states and Canada. Established in 1929 to promote farm management professionalism, the ASFMRA today includes a distinct level of membership with educational standards, ethical requirements, field experience and continued education requirements.





Accredited Professional Farm Management

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